Dec. 8, 2020

Partnership to fight road rage and accidents formed ,amidst calls for trustworthiness in HPD.

Chief of Houston police department , Art Acevedo, Harris county sheriff's department chief Ed Gonzalez, Districk attorney Kim Ogg and department of public safety texas leadership have made public , a partnership initiative to fight road rage and accidents which seam to be more common presently in the roads and high ways of Houston, Harris county and Texas as a hold .
The public safety leaders and harris county prosecutors were conciliatory but firm with their positions .
Chief Arcevador made it clear that road rage is unacceptable behavior though they are not psychologists. That also ties to the need for caution ,when public safety officials immediately label accused as mentally disturbed or suffering from mental illnesses ,a diagnosis which cannot be made on the spot or from what dispatchers are told .
District attorney Kim Ogg is considering confiscation of cars if need be ,guided by the science.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, conveyed the concerns of the residents , related to officers approaching drivers on the high way without uniforms and the recent death of a 50 years old Hispanic Houston resident while in police custody and questions of trust .
Chief Acevedo responded by explaining the great relationship that exist between his department and the residents, as was shown during the handling of the George Floyd protests in Houston and other events .
He said ,the city and department continue to work to hold officers accountable .
A police leader who appreciated the position of Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, told him by the side that , though the police handcuffed the man who died in their custody, they did not engage him physically in any way, while they waited for the emergency team to arrive ,in. response to the medical call they had placed, and asked the residents to wait for the investigation reports .He also said , officers without uniforms in marked police cars must be taken serious as public servants or can approach a person on the high way or road, creating problems or committing crimes .
Chief Arcevado who also spoke and took questions in Spanish, thanked the state of Texas ,cityof Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and his partners in the initiative.
It must be noted that public safety is public health.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson