Dec. 10, 2020

Global health expert , Dr Deborah Birx, wishes to continue with the Biden administration.

Photo Credit, HND. Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson at work with Dr Deborah Birx , NE USA.

The present White house Corona virus task force cordinator under out going president Donald Trump , former US army physician her excellency ambassador Dr Deborah Birx has made it clear that she will like to continue in using her global health expertise in serving her country and the world in fighting the current Covid19 pandemic.
Dr Birx who was the director of the USA Pepfer global aids work , has much experience in the field of global health promotion , protection and policy work especially in hiv/aids.
Dr Birx has worked with multiple governments around the world advising on hiv aids policies and programmes.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, asked Dr Birx to explain to experts and professors at John's Hopkins what Global health diplomacy was all about as seen on the picture. Dr Birx explained to the global health experts the place of human rights, law, international trade and diplomacy in Global health work like Hiv/aids, Ebola and now Covid19.
Dr Birx was chosen by President Trump to head the Trump White House Corona Virus task force and , has met with much criticism from health and medical experts who accused her for going with what ever President Trump said .
Most people know how difficult it is to work under certain types of leadership personalities. Dr Birx alwaysxsaid people should follow the science, and did not believe that open confrontation with the non scientific Covid19 claims by President Trump was worth the trouble .
Birx like Fauci occasionally tood stands which were contrary to the position of President Trump who has no professional training and certification in medicine and or Surgery.
Many in the health care field have continued to ask that Drs Birx and Fauci be retained for continuity in the USA Covid19 preparedness and response work ,mostly in advisory capacities.
Dr Birx is ready to assume roll back roles or positions if need be ,in order to serve her country.
Dr Birx in her Global health Covid19 Crisis communication and community engagement travels meets with authorities and communities to understand their ,knowledge, attitude and practices related to Covid 19 mitigation, and response.
Dr Birx like other Covid19 World health organization,certified Covid19 partners in Country support work , sees much gaps that should be filled .
Dr Birx has made it clear, that she intends to take what position and role ,president elect Biden assigns to her in the USA Covid19 preparedness and response.
By. Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, WHO certified partner in platform for Country support and guidance in Covid19 preparedness and Response.