Dec. 10, 2020

Mandela, Ghandi, King , and Ceasar Chavez all fought for human rights says Robin Cavanaugh.

Photo credit HND, Robin CAVANAUGH, chief Marketing Officer of the Holocaust Museum Houston Texas.

10th of December 2020 is the international human rights day celebrated around the world .
The are different freedom and rights museums around the world showing curated resources of the struggle of different people in the fight against injustices and cruelty to man by man .
The Holocaust museum in Houston Texas presently has the Mandela exhibit, that tells the fight for freedoms story that the longest serving prisoner of conscience in human history ,late South African president Nelson Mandela .
Ms Robn Cavanaugh of the Holocaust Museum gave the similarities between the Holocaust in Germany ,that saw millions of Jews treated in an inhumane manner , with millions killed and the apartheid system in South Africa ,that Nelson Mandela fought against.
In her video interview with Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, Ms R, Cavanaugh said the Holocaust motivated the creation of the human rights movement, that inspired the human rights charter at the united nations.
Asked if the was any relationship between the human rights work of Mandela ,Ghandhi , Marthin Lurther King Jn , and Ceasar Chavez ,she said all those names of human and civil rights leaders fought for their communities in the face of systemic racism, repression and abuse of rights .
She cited the human rights gallery section of the Holocaust Museum that has curated materials corroborating her claims .
The mandela exhibit will be in the Holocaust Museum until January 2021.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo