Dec. 10, 2020

HND News Brief: FDA advisory committee approves emergency use of Pfizer Covid19 vaccine.

The advisory committee of the USA food and drug agency or the FDA approved the emergency use of the BioNTect/ Pfizer vaccine use under the emergency use request after studies of the Pfizer phase three trial report submitted to them.
4 members of the committee voted no , because they were not certain about the full range of effects or studies done on children below the ages of 16 years and pregnant women .
Some belief that the post vaccination reactions which were severe in few cases of those who already were vaccinated in England may have triggered the no vote of the dissenting 4 members of the FDA advisory committee. . Allergic reactions to the vaccines could be severe enough and life threatening and so far ,non has been reported among those who were vaccinated in the UK.
The Food and Drug administration is expected to give the final approval after the advise from the committee as early as Friday 11th of December 2020, with Pfizer ready to move the vaccines directly to the medical institutions where they will be administered .
The Center for Dieses control is working on distribution modalities and guidelines.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson