Dec. 13, 2020

Many American health care workers ,say no to Covid19 vaccines.

Photo Credit HND, Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson at work Washington DC USA, International immunology conference.

The Emergency approval for the Covid19 vaccine has been given but new challenges are now encountered , a major one being acceptance of the vaccines by a proportion of health care workers and others .
Many health case workers are openly rejecting the vaccine in the USA ,going as far as to say , they donot want to be Guinea pigs .
While most global health experts including the FDA and CDC directors are assuring Americans that the Covid19 vaccines are safe, and efficacious , resistance to taking the shots continue .
Alot of the problems stem from ignorance of the subject of immunology and Vaccinology.
Many are afraid of lethal adverse effects like anaphylaxis reaction, while others are not sure of future longterm effects.
The issues raised have brought up another question , "Should employers mandate the taking of the vaccines?".
Since the approval is not done on complete trials but for emergency use, some belief that employers cannot mandate the vaccines at this time and must wait for a future season and time when trial data is such that those hesitant today are convinced.
The other global health experts are calling on the states to begin a massive education outreach and vaccine safety campaign to boost the uptake and improve the outcome and mitigation impacts .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson USA certified expert Global health .