Dec. 14, 2020

Global public health departments are working to Overcome Covid 19 vaccine Hesitancy .

Photo credit,HND . Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson global health expert at work in John's Hopkins MD USA.

N ations are sabotaging the Covid19 vaccines roll out of their
competing nations .
Over 70 different Covid19 vaccine trials are going on around the world but 6 are having attention based on who are the national owners of parents companies .
The Covid vaccines politics are such that nations are sabotaging the internal global health efforts of other countries like Russia and China .
Due to massive global media attack of the Russian Covid19 vaccine called Spunik ,some Russian residents are refusing to accept their country,s vaccine , waiting for that produced for Pfizer by the Turkish- German couple .
The Chinese claim they have a vaccine after the Sars CoV2 genome was sequenced . mRNA vaccines they say are easy to be made but come with challenges .
The USA seam to be making references to the British Vaccine roll out ,as if it waswaiting for the UK to have problems with roll out ,they can address in their own evaluation . The more the US makes reference to the British challenges, the more it gives the impression that it was not proactive and ready , only waiting to take advantage of British experiences .
Vaccine hesitancy is fueled and driven by nations , that try to undercutt the successes of other nations ,for the financial benefitsm of their own national companies that pay taxes to them ..
America knows the number of billions that Global companies stand to benefit from the Covid19 vaccines trade.
Global health diplomacy requires that the trade be fair and equitable .
Nations should stay out of the internal affairs of other sovereign nations, whose governments are only answerable to their people, not foreign authorities without resident rights .
Americans should be allowed to get the vaccination .Stop the anti vaccine international propaganda.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, certified expert Global health US(Editor).