Dec. 15, 2020

Africa-Cameroon NW indigenes like Trump supporters Using terror for gains.

In order to overturn the regional elections results in SW region of Cameroon, indigenes of the NW Cameroon who migrated to the SW region have killed school children In the City of Kumba and recently murdering SW chieves in their ancestral lands of Fako Cameroon .
The perpetrators boast in America and Europe , saying they will not stop until Cameroonians follow the dictates of the SWISS government and some pronouncements of the undersecretary for Africa in the USA state department.
The same killers and terrorists are giving orders that western embassies in Cameroon be bombed down because the nations involved have not joined them in taking Buea.
It must be noted that the decentralization process has returned the Houses of chiefs in the Buea and Bamenda provinces as it use to be in history .
Federalism and or confederation are known as forms of Decentralization, though ignorance is making many Cameroonians show their true nature in the terroristic threats they send out to others .
Many blame the west for trying to group together people with different cultures and identities.
It must be noted that , the need to control others is driving the murders in Cameroon today , with many western Countries blaming the government of Cameroon for abuses and excesses .
Those killing are trying to stop the regional councils from starting on the 22nd of December in the SW and NW regions .
It must be noted that the killing of chiefs is selective , for those in the NW Cameroon are kidnapped and released , while those in the SW Kingdoms or chiefdoms are kidnapped and killed .
Many say the NW indigenes have declared war on the people of the SW region.
If the killings donot stop, they may lead to ethnic cleansing like happened in Rwanda on tribal basis .
Regional autonomy is great , added to it independence of the judiciary, deregulation and liberalization of the economy and good governance, many belief is the way out .
It is no coincidence that , Trump,s supporters are threatening their fellow Americans over the USA presidential elections 2020 outcome .
Governors are receiving terroristic threats, Republican election officials are getting terroristic threats and other USA citizens .
The spirit of control is hard to check and the democratic process is not peaceful when certain state actors resorts to guns ,bombs and threat democracy .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, editor .