Dec. 15, 2020

Physician public health practitioner , Dr Shah , former Harris county public health system director

Photo credit, HND. Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson and Dr Shah working at the One health conference .

The one health conference in Houston Texas brought the finest in Veterinary or animal medicine to Houston on the invitation of Dr Shah , the former Harris public health system director and new secretary of health and human services of the state of Washington USA.
Dr Shah was a great team player who worked well with County judge Hildago and the county commissioners of Harris county in Texas one of the biggest counties of the USA.
Dr Shah believed in innovation, equity and engagement. In most of the Covid19 strategic preparedness and response, Dr Shah brought in many innovative initiatives based on equity. He was a lvery great global public health leader who worked with the different city health department leaders of Harris county.
Dr Shah promoted effective local public health practice in Harris county , and was and remains a great resource to the national association of county and city health officials or NACHO.
Dr Shah worked tirelessly, helping Harris county control the Corona Virus pandemic .
He takes with him a wealth of resources and experience from Harris public health to his new post in the state of Washington
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson