Dec. 18, 2020

France,s E. MACRON ,infected with Sars Cov2 like US Trump and British Johnson .

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson editor ,health and development issues has seen closely in his multiple work related entries into Paris ,Toulon and other French cities the very high quality standards of french health and public health systems in containing injurious agents and therefore surprised to know that French president Emmanuel Macron has joined his Anglo counterparts of Johnson and Trump as presidents with history of Sars CoV2 infected.
The president and his wife are now either isolating and or in quarantine .
The global Covid19 politics many belief made the UK , a non member of the European Union to have started Covid19 Pfizer vaccination while the European Union has not, most likely waiting for their own sanctioned Covid19 vaccine or working with the world health organization in solidarity.
It is expected that the young looking French president H, E Emmanuel Macron will recover like Johnson and Trump.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo certified expert Global health (Communication)