Dec. 21, 2020

International human rights lawyers say , Asia has legal jurisdiction over accused Kenyan not USA.

As if to say look, Obama Kenyans are terrorists suspects not Trump Hiltler Germans. President Donald Trump has paraded a Kenya man they claim had mensrea or aforethought to commit a crime against the USA in Asia brought to America .
Many are are asking questions about the Kenyan and why he was not handed to authorities in Asia but to be paraded on USA television as if to continue to insult former president Obama for all Kenyans accused of high crimes and misdemeanors .
It must be noted that many Americans lost their human rights because of patriot act.
Unfortunately, American dollars are used by terrorists to kill civilians like they do cameroonians in Cameroon by those in the USA supported by the USA state department.
In other to be number one in the world and control other nations ,countries sponsor terrorists overseas who intend bomb down their embassies and kill their own people.
Why bring him to the USA if they are true terrorists, they could run and kill more Americans here .
Why parade them on national televisions if they are only accused, knowing that if you acquit them , you can never clear the damage done.
May this serve as a warning to all who are sponsored by state actors to commit terrorism, that it will not go well with them.
Let all nations stop killing the nationals of other countries, sothe global peace.
May all prisoners held in prisons around the world be vaccinated against Covid19.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo certified expert Global health (Communication) , Editor.