Dec. 22, 2020

Texas medical center institutions continue to vaccinate their front line workers following SOPs.

The rising incidence and prevalence of Sars Cov2 in Houston, Harris county and Texas is posing challenges to the close to 60 institutions that make up the Texas medical center in Houston ,the biggest in the World .
The are bed capacity issues related to Covid19 ,which cannot be solved by vaccination alone.
Vaccination against Sars CoV2 is ongoing in the institutions at the TMC,including Harris Health hospital Ben Taub , MD Anderson cancer center , Methodist Hospital and Memorial Hermann.
The hospitals are following standard operating procedures related to vaccine administration.
The vaccination staff are well trained on Infection control, how to manage Protective clothing, administration of the vaccines, management of adverse effects following immunization or AEFIs, reporting , monitoring and evaluation.
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson certified expert global health USA [Editor]