Jan. 6, 2021

Covid19 Misinformation is driving some of the sad incidence numbers in USA hot spots .

The Covid19 situation in California and certain states like Texas is unfortunate .
Alot of the poor incidence numbers and hospital case load percentages of Covid19 are unacceptable and very high .
Texas governor Abbot and his team of advisers are working hard to balance the global health response to the pandemic and economic interests .
Misinformation is driving alot of the protective decisions of the population .
Most communicators have a poor understanding of Criss communication and erroneously think that ,talking to a Camera is the same as ,talkingto the population , who ever is the population .
What management and subject matter experts talk about is only useful if certain people and segments of the population trust the messages and messengers, which goes a long way in making informed health choices.
Community mobilization goes with risk communication strategies which meets lots of barriers often .
People are suspicious of managers and civic authorities who are not in the same party with them . That suspicion translates to listening and following those who share the same ideological values .
No matter what certain bearers of Covid19 messages say, they never get to convince certain segments of the population who belief that Covid19 was created in China and is a political tool to destroy their businesses and economy .
Most times ,the untrained donot know how to participate in Global health and development press conferences and briefings .
Many of them think press conferences and briefings are where information is handed down to the population without the necessary input from the people,s voices .
Deliberate misinformation and political divide is undermining the Covid19 preparedness and responses in American states.
Risk communication and community engagement in the most part is poorly understood by the actors and we are getting the results .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson is a trained physician, international health leader, certified expert in Global health , working in Global health and development communication and consulting .