Jan. 7, 2021

Texas shamed and humiliated after Cuban Ted Cruz instigated uncivilized mop actions on US Capitol.

Ted Cruz has gone down in History as one who brought shame to Texas and the USA after he , Trump and his colleagues motivated and called for what has been happening in the country recently.
Senator Coryn of Texas dissociated himself from Cruz and his gang.
Senator Cruz who campaigned against Trump in 2016 presidential republican primaries, was intimidated into Trump support through insults and other devices . Trump called his wife urgly and said Cruz's father was involved in the murder of JFK.
Cruz was bitter and it showed in his republican national convention speech in Cleveland 2016 and he never endorsed Trump for president.
Trump successfully manipulated Cruz to do his biddings in Washington DC.
Cruz was in Georgia recently , campaigning against democratic senatorial contestants and has failed,with both senate seats won by democrats,who have taken control of the senate .
Cruz fights Cubans and other latinos in America he calls illegal immigrants .
Trump intended to appoint Cruz to the supreme court and he refused .
Cruz many say has presidential ambition for 2024 and needs the votes of Trump supporters or vice slot for a suppose 2024 Trump presidential ticket .
Their instigation of uncivilized mop actions in the USA congress has been condemned by world leaders as shameful .
Texas now goes in the history books for bringing shame to American democracy through Cuban Texan Cruz .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson