Jan. 9, 2021

Global health experts worry about the USA failures in Covid19 preparedness and response.

Photo. Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson ,certified professional and expert Global health USA with international medical leadership colleagues in the USA..

It must be noted that from cordinationat all levels,to surveillance, laboratory work .case management, prevention and control , risk communication and community mobilization, the USA failed it,a residents .
Many same politicians who caused the problems under the reckless policies and vodoo science based decisions of Trump ,are saying the should be a commission of enquiry to evaluate and know what went wrong .
Most people talking rubbish as Covid19 experts have no training in bioscience, talkless of medical degrees or history of practice of medicine any where in their lives.
Communicating risk and mobilization of the communities to change their risk perceptions through KAP studies never happened according to science based evidences.
It was more of showmanship than actual work in all states and we have the results and health outcomes starring us in the face in America.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader and communicator ,Health and Development.