Jan. 13, 2021

Latinos petition government: Accusation of Covid19 "Stealing " and redistribution .

Latino physicians who run and or own their practices are complaining about the vaccines they told their clients will be available after appointments that never came but went to mega sites .
Some of those latino clients are cleaners at fire departments or workers in the homes of local ,state and federal government officials ,some who are undocumented or illegal immigrants ,who are afraid to get into the mega site Covid19 vaccination data systems for fear of deportation or imprisonment.
The federal government decided that states can alter the national Covid19 vaccination program guidelines, creating most of the complains coming from state , county and city local governments.
The latino providers used diversity and cultural competence training and delivery of care as one of their major defenses in their petitions to Republican governor Gregg Abbot and other national leaders .
In order for mega sites to get mega number of vials ,the must be vaccine "stealing " redistributions , which many see as a form of monopoly and usurpation .
People have a human right by law to get treatment where they chose . The mega sites can operate they say ,not to the expense of other providers and institutions .
Most latinos with the fire department may have preferred to get their Covid19 vaccines from those complaining .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader, and cummunicator.Certified expert in Global health [Communication] USA.