Jan. 13, 2021

President Donald Trump was impeached for inciting Uncivilized terrorism acts on the USA government.

In a Bipartisan vote, the united state congress impeached outgoing President Trump for inciting an insurrection against the government of the united states.
Republicans who defended Trump saw the process as rushed and without merits. The double standard was the accusations, inlight of the summer Riots and burning of cities and buildings by black lives matter members who fought against police brutality on black people based on race pride and prejudice.
Democrats believe that Donald Trump remains a threat to the American democracy and way of life , and should not be given another opportunity to hold office through senate conviction.
The senate can still take up the case even if Trump is out of the office on the 20uth of January 2020.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson International leader and communicator. Certified expert Global health USA.