Jan. 14, 2021

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is asking that ,the federal government provide more Covid19 vaccines

Mayor Sylvester Turner and his infectious diseases hazard team have been front and center in the preparedness and response to the Covid19 pandemic in Houston. .
Houston has a response plan in place that reflects the 8 pillars guidance strategic preparedness and response from the World health organization.
The national coordination in the entire nation of the USA has not been very good because the outgoing US president did not always cooperate and or agree with members of his own task force like Dr Anthony Fauci, head of allergy and infectious diseases institute at the National Institutes of Health or NIH Bethesda Maryland .
Turner has worked with local,state and federal partners to have much testing, with emphasis on minority communities where Covid19 sicknesses or morbidity and deaths [Mortality] rates were higher .
The Houston health department ,s epidemiologists are doing a great job with surveillance acontact tracing and prevention under the leadership of director Stephen Williams.
Houston city government in partnership with Rice University and Baylor college of medicine has carried out wastes water studies of the virus and also antibody studies in selected individuals, to help with response decisions and policy .
The city of Houston has also trained Covid19 education fellows who were sent to predorminantly minority communities like Latinos as part of community engagement and information, communication and education work .
Partnership with the Harris county hospital system ,with major hospitals of LBJ in the North and Ben Taub in the Texas medical center is taking care of case loads and hospital management of the infected .
The city has provided financial and other assistance to help it,s residents cope with the pandemic since March 2020 ,especially after the appointment of a Recovery Czar .
The city of Houston has a Covid19 strategic response and direction plan which addresses surges as could be seen in April and July data .
Houston is now dealing with a post 2020 Holidays surge at a time when Covid 19 vaccines from Pfizerand Modena are available but in small quantities .
Vaccines alone will not stop or control the Corona Virus pandemic but they are part of the response tool box .
The quantities of Corona Virus vaccines given to Houston are too small to meet the demand and need if Houston the fourth biggest city in America can meet it,s ,vaccination plan .
Mayor Turner is rightly asking that Houston be given about fouty thousand [ 40000 ] vials of vaccines a week and directly assigned to the city from the federal depots .
While the state is doing a great job in prioritizing vaccine needs interms of persons and places , major cities like Houston,with a population greater than certain states should get direct supply like the city of New York .
Mayor Turner has proven that he knows what he is talking about and asking the federal authorities to heed to his advice for the sake of American lives .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson international leader and communicator . Certified professional and expert Global health and Development [Communication].