Jan. 15, 2021

American Rescue plan was given to partners and US residents .

Photo. Dr Ntuba, Akwo, Thompson at work in Washington DC USA with the highly educated and experienced Healthndevelopment leaders and communicators ,after secret Service clearance like his meeting in the same space with vice president and president of the USA and others .

The 1.9 trillion dollars Rescue act has provisions for struggling cities .
His Excellency Joe Biden intends to use same executive orders Trump used while in office .
H.E Biden and Her Excellency Harris intend to work with the Republican minorities in both chambers of the House and if they meet republican Obstructionists in McConnell and Cruz , will use the same instruments Republican senate and Trump White House used , the RETALIATION tool to execute important aspects of the recovery act passed .
The provision of the Recovery is relief package to build on the down payment of $600 stimulus money sent to USA resident tax payers .
The money for the national USA vaccination plan ,testing and health human resource capacity is priority that needs no resistance .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader and communicator .
Certified professional and expert Global health and Development [USA- COMMUNICATION ]