Jan. 15, 2021

The post 2020 Hollidays Covid19 Surges continue to be a challenge to the various Hospital Systems .

Global health experts continue to warn their residents to observe the Covid 19 prevention measures during the post 2020 hollidays Surges ,so that the different hospital systems and chains or networks are not overwhelmed as is known today in major cities in California USA.
The surges can take three forms 1 Conventional 2 Contingency and 3 Crisis phases.
Some Hospital systems are already in Crisis phase and it,s many problems. Patients are treated in hospital garages converted into temporary clinical wards . Triage that starts with EMT personnel told ,not to bring in patients who they evaluate and conclude to be impossible to bring back to life .
Ambulances not available to transport cases and shortages in health and medical commodities and supplies .
The Hospital systems are doing their best to provide quality care , especially following infection control policies and protocols , which makes most patients unable to have visitations from families and friends , creating psychological, social and spiritual sufferings to both patients and families .
The Physician executives who run certain hospital systems like Memorial Hermann in Houston are using the three tier approach to Surge management which include 1 Strengthening facilities
and capacities 2 -Strengthening their net works and 3 Expansion to alternate sites . Convention centers and other buildings like Hotels are used in California as alternative sites .
Referral transfer and or handover is done as the need arises taking the needs of the patients in consideration like staff capacity and expertise in the transferring health facility and also internal transfers within the same facilities like from Emergency to intensive care unit.
So far the USA hospital systems are doing their best and the population must cooperate by practicing the Covid 19 prevention measures of Hand hygiene, washing of hands with soap and Water, or use of alcohol based hand sanitizers . Respiratory hygiene, cloose your mouth when you cough or sneeze into your elbow or tissue. Avoid touching your face , avoid crowds , get tested to know your status and if positive without symptoms stay at home for about 10 to 14 days until the test becomes negative .If you have Covid 19 symptoms like cough, fever ,headaches ,difficulty breathing or chest tightness, call your care giver or 911.
Physical and social distance from others and wear your mask often .
The Covid 19 vaccinations are now available and if you have a slot , get vaccinated .
The world owes a great debt to the frontline workers in the hospitals and care centers doing a great job in the management of cases .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson, International leader and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global health and Development USA (Communication).