Jan. 22, 2021

Texas Whistle blowers reporting and Exposing Covid19 vaccines theft.

Texans are now Whistle blowers reporting and exposing Covid19 Vaccines theft in all Counties, Cities ,Villages and the Whole state , some done by undercovers .
It must be noted that Latino physicians started the whistle blowing, exposing the schemes that took away vaccines meant for their health institutions and patients to other distributors who then decided how and who to get the vaccination.
The theft of Covid19 vaccines in Texas has taken many and varied forms.
Health care workers in trying to be as smart as the state in it,s redistribution, which many call vaccines stealing , are helping themselves with left overs in vials which some say would be expired or thrown away if they donot use them on the unfortunate who may not know how to work the pay to play systems in place .
The subtle manner in which these theft is done ,requires experience and courage to expose them .
Public hospital systems are easy victims because unscrupulous so called pay to play politicians manipulate and control things.
Corruption in Covid19 vaccines distribution and administration will make many public servants in public work lose their jobs and end up in prison like the former governor of Ilinois, former mayors of Baltimore and New Orleans.
Health personnel caught in stealing Covid19 vaccines or involved in Covid19 corruption in any way ,are being exposed ,punished and prosecuted .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global health and Development USA [communication].