Jan. 24, 2021

Texas residents condemn Mexicans for copying Americans health tourism to Canada.

Covid19 is exposing the evil hearts of humans on planet Earth.
Senator Kennedy said he loved watching James Bond movies as the movies show how stealing of commodities and intellectual properties are done overseas for his good.
Texas has petitioned governor Abbot to stop Mexican nationals and Latinos from overseas from coming to Texas for health care and health commodities.
Many Americans go through Canadian borders into Canada to take advantage of health care and commodities made cheaper than in America because taxpayers, residents in Canada pay for it.
Texas residents who are very ignorant of these issues are saying Mexicans are coming to Texas for Covid19 resources and commodities.
Methodist hub Texas medical and other Texas center institutions make many millions of dollars from very rich patients from overseas and it must be stupid for them not to consider those people while in their care for comorbidities or morbidities for which they are treated.
Saying Mexican nationals in Texas are getting the Covid19 vaccines, people who are not American nationals is shared stupidly many says.
There are about 11 million undocumented people, many Mexicans, and other Latinos are living in Texas and the USA, and pay taxes especially when they shop, and have health human rights that must be respected documented or not.
Saying Texas will check the legal or nationality status of all in Texas and America is a way to discriminate and stop Mexicans living in Texas and Houston from getting the Covid vaccines as their right.
When Americans cross international borders to take advantage of tax payers paid health commodities through health tourism, you will not hear the cry of the greedy.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader and communicator.
Certified professional and expert Global health and Development [USA].communication.