Jan. 27, 2021

Gregg Abbott and Houston Methodist Hospital Contradict themselves over Covid19 Vaccines Recipients.

In a meeting at the Texas medical center Houston where communicators questioned Texas governor Gregg Abbott on why the Mayor of Houston and Harris County judge were not invited , Abbot and Executive head of the Houston Methodist hospital system gave confusing answers to questions asked them by communicators who are highly trained in the work of Global health communication .
Abbot is fighting and defending American Covid19 vaccines nationalism and and working against solidarity.
In questions to both men as to who can get the vaccines in Texas, Abbot smartly tricked the head of the Methodist to start answering the question .
The methodist head said they distribute equitably not only to those in their data of patients both nationally and internationally but others or non patients too . Methods also serves those who live with Houstonians was insinuated.
Governor Abbot said the vaccines are for Texans only .
Those who are not very educated and sat in the meeting would never have understood what republican governor Abbot was doing in the jurisdiction of democratic mayor Turner and democratic Harris county judge Hildago.
The governor came out to praise Methodist and say they are an example,best and model in all the more than two hundred counties in Texas and USA.Governor Abbot openly chosed who to praise while telling Methodist to stop vaccinating nationals from other nations including undocumented who are not Texans, what ever he understands Texans to mean .
The question is ,who are those in the data of Methodist hospital system who live in homes in Texas who are vaccinated Who do not meet the Abbot criteria of Texans ?.
Truly Covid19 has exposed the realities of the global world .
Vaccine nationalism is truly loved by Republican Gregg Abbot and his .
Dr,Akwo Ntuba Thompson, international leader and communicator. Certified professional and Expert Global health USA[communication].