Jan. 27, 2021

American EMS front line workers caught in Stealing Covid19 Vaccines and Corruption.

Those who call Donald Trump a fraud and thief should not look out of his context for their accusations .
Federal prisons are loaded with high collar American thieves , scammers and frauds .
Anti corruption experts and law enforcement officers are now after Pulk county USA front line EMS leader who connived with his paramedic in police custody to steal Covid19 vaccines.
The Sheriff officer in charge says the junior worker should have refused to accept the orders to steal from his leadership.
Many are speaking and laughing at that foolish talk and approach.
Some fearfully keep saying I am doing what my boss tells me . In America where any body in any form of uniform speaks and thinks like God , how can junior workers resist them ,so called public servants living off taxes of residents?.
Whistle blowers are threatened and punished for exposing others.
The federal prisons have governors and mayors , police and other professionals in them for corruption and fraud in America and this some say will not be first and or last ,in a nation where money and position power is worshipped by the small at heart and experienced.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global health and Development USA [Communication]