Feb. 1, 2021


In our meeting of Monday 1st, 2020 with the director-general of the world health organization, questions related to the cpovid19 fact-finding scientific mission to China were raised.
The mission order is not specific to some, as they questioned if the Chinese authorities are letting the 10 member mission delegation have full access to the sites and or places they want to visit.
The world health organization was not sure if they had already visited the Wuhan virology institute. WHO believed that new developments from what is happening on the ground are raising new questions and that is acceptable.
The states department of the USA has already questioned the effectiveness of the mission, faulting the Chinese government for lack of transparency.
Dr Ryan said that people are already saying they will not accept the report or conclusions of the team and wondered if they have already drawn conclusions on a job that has not been completed.
Dr Ryan went ahead to say that certain people have said before that they know what happened in China for some time now without presenting evidence. Ryan called on whoever has evidence of what may have happened to bring them forward to help the work of the world health organization and the world at large.
Ryan speaking on behalf of the director-general of WHO said that the visiting team is at work and exchanging views with Chinese scientific authorities on the ground in China and we should all should wait for the conclusion and report from the team at the end of their mission.
The united states condemned China, accusing her for manufacturing the sars cov2 virus in the laboratory during the Trump administration, with the former minister or secretary of health and human services Alez Azar calling for transparency and accountability at the world health assembly, the governing body of the Nnited Nations specialized health agency called the World health organization [WHO].
It is the right of every member state of the who to raise questions about the work of the body that serves it,s members including the USA .
The governing body executes it,s policies taken at the world health assembly or WHA through the executive committee and the staff under the director-general .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader and communicator. certified professional and expert in global health USA . Adviser to prime ministers and presidents .