Feb. 1, 2021


We make Black history everyday, and now it’s time to show it.

This Black History Month, we want to uplift the Black people in our lives who are breaking barriers and charting new frontiers. From Henry Darby, a South Carolina high school principal who works the night shift at Walmart to help students in need, to Rebekah Coleman, a Michigan attorney who just became the first Black Judge in her city (and was sworn in by her father, nonetheless), our people continue to showcase excellence each and every day.

Friend, we want to know the Black history maker in your community.



In honor of Black History Month, we’ve launched our Hometown Heroes submission form -– an opportunity for you to write to us and let us know the everyday people who are working to make life better for those around them.

Again, Black history is made everyday, and it’s our duty to recognize it. Nominate that Black trailblazer today, and they may get featured on our social media platforms.




Let's continue to make Black history,