Feb. 13, 2021

Impeachment trial: Trump ordered "Peaceful combat for Justice".

This is what people do when their victory is stolen. What do they do ?, an intelligent juror may ask Donald Trump.
They do things that will amount to you remembering the day for ever .
Donald Trump as president had intelligence reports before , during and after the treasonable storming of the Capitol by his proud boys and other groups as part of their planned peaceful combat for justice for the "big lie " of a stolen presidential elections from him and his followers .
Finally briefings and other intelligence reports said the proud boys
and other groups were coming to Washington DC to execute their planned treasonable storming of the capitol .
Trump did not disarm them , but worked with them, choosing the day , place and time .
Trump praised Ruddy Guilliani for asking the armed rioters to render justice by combat .The peaceful fighting or combat .
Trump incited the armed rioters to storm the capitol in a peaceful combat , where they fought like hell with their arms , unlawfully breaking into the Capitol building ,stealing, destroying and killing.
Speech may be free and protected by first amendment though it was not what Trump said that was prosecuted but what they collectively did as a group with he as the master planner of the event as intelligence reports shows.
Why not not say be peaceful in order to publicly hide and diminish your responsibility for the peaceful combat ?.
Only idiots will be fooled into thinking that Trump was in trial for what he said.
The foolish as Trump thinks most Americans are , will never put words , thoughts and actions in context .
Your thoughts ,wishes , desires can be determined by forensic psychologists to know if you had aforethought to commit an offense.
To send an armed group for peaceful combat or to fight like hell with arms ,produces what people do when the big lie is believed .
Trump and his lawyers would have you belief that the word fight has the same meaning at all times and they are stupidly and foolishly wrong .
Most words have different shades of meanings and varied contextual usages and interpretations.
I will fight for DACA cause ,so the young latino children brought to America innocently as babes to have a legal status and part time citizenship does not translate to forming a group of armed proud boys , calling them to Washington DC to peacefully engage in a combat. fighting like hell through stealing ,destruction and killings . No to Trump,s lawyers , that is not free speech nor righteous directives but ways of the devil as found in John 10:10B [Stealing ,Killing and destructions ] at the USA Capitol.
That previous law makers had contested the counting of electoral votes ,did not amount to lawlessness as charged in the Trump trial .
Trump in his thoughts , speech and actions contributed to the treasonable storming of the Capitol as his followers said ,they took orders from him .
Intelligence report shows that ,the storming was planned, it would be violent and Trump channelled it precisely in terms of place, persons and target .
The planned peaceful justice by combat was executed ,with Trump commanding in chief .
The defense lawyers did not sound intelligent and convincing, but went ahead all the same because they know that you do not need a degree to be a congress man or elected official in America .
They know that most law makers did not go to law school and need not do so .
They know that many of their local councilors and village elected officers have nothing more than a GED and may not understand the complexity of the issues.
They who came accusing the opponents of manipulations and gross dishonesty as impeachment managers are themselves the worst .
Since the defense knows that ,the average so called elected leader is not an expert and or master in any thing , they came to sow confusion and give talking points and foolish defense bullet points to Republican senators who had already made up their minds .
Trump ordered and executed the planned " Peaceful combat for justice " for his BIGGEST LIE , of a Stolen presidential elections of 2020 in the USA.
By Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, international leader and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global health and development USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.