Feb. 25, 2021

President Joe Biden is expected in Houston Texas on Friday .

President Joe Biden is expected in the city of Houston on Friday and all is done to make the arrival, his stay and working sessions safe and fruitful .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, asked Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner to say what he would add as more requests from the Biden administration, after the federal emergency orders already signed by president Biden .
Mayor Sylvester Turner thanked the Biden/Harris administration for the Fema assistance to residents of Houston and said he will request more Covid19 vaccines and other Covid 19 resources .
The president is coming to Texas at a time when robust discussions about massive power shortages that followed the recent winter weather in Texas and the USA are taking place .
Harris county Commissioner Garcia is asking that his County get out of the Texas grid amidst the failures of the grid , many blame on Ercot, the nonprofit energy regulator of the Texas grid ,that is under the supervision of the Texas energy commission.
Mayor Sylvester Turner was asked by Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson of Healthndevelopment magazine and media registered in the state of Texas ,if the was any statutory provisions that makes allowance for a county and it,a cities like Harris to opt out of the Texas grid as Garcia was asking , based on Turner,s multiple legislative leadership experience at the state level in Austin . Mayor Sylvester Turner said the grid was made for Texas and Harris cannot opt out. Turner continues to advice the state house and senate to reintroduce what he calls his bill on improving the Texas grid ,which was never brought to the floor debates or vote ,while he was a state law maker and former chair of the Texas state congressional black caucus .
Governor Abbot has recieved resignations from members of Ercot who donot reside in Texas ,including the chair person, and continues to work with both chambers of the Texasc regional assembly, investigating the reasons for the Texas grid failures .
Mayor Sylvester Turner, in response to the resignation of the members of the Ercot board , absolved the board of some responsibility, saying the was failures at multiple levels ,some of which may be presented to president Biden when he arrives Texas , for solidarity with the residents ,listen and access the damage for himself and what is needed to have permanent solutions to the climate change disasters that Houston suffers from so often, a cause which Biden has already taken actions on , including appointing Honorable John Kerry as special envoy and Climate czar and rejoining the Paris Climate agreement.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global health USA [communication]. International adviser of prime ministers and presidents ,who has been in the same work room with USA vice president and president, working for Healthndevelopment magazine and media USA.