Apr. 13, 2021

Johnson and Johnson Covid19 vaccinations in the USA paused because of suspected blood clot events .

The White has announced that it has recieved advise from the FDA or Food and Drug administration to pause the use of the J and J vaccines following reports of cerebral or brain clot events in six women after taking the vaccines .
One of the suspected victim died while the others are having medical attention .
The FDA and CDC, said their decision is based on the abundance of caution.
Dr Fauci said Heparin ,an anticoagulant may not work in these adverse effects and doctors and other prescribers should be aware.
The pause will give medical and health personnel some time to understand how to manage and or report on the adverse effects .
The FDA and CDC are working on the science to know the causality link of the clots to the vaccines and best case management plans .
The white House says the USA has enough Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to meet it,s promises to Americans in the weeks ahead .
The J and J vaccine manufacturing uses a different production technology from that used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines production .
Those who have had the J and J vaccines recently ,are told not to panic but look out for symptoms like headaches and report them to care givers .
Cerebral venus sinus Thrombosis and low platelets show symptoms in 6 to 13vdays .
The Europen public health agency has reported 4 similar cases of similar events.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international leader and communicator.
Certified professional and expert in Global healt USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.