Apr. 24, 2021


Violent extremists like those in the USA are doing all to always have their way and say in national politics and issues of countries and regions.
President Idriss Deby of Chad was wounded and died from wounds sustained while in the battlefront in the Northern region of the country.
President Idriss,Deby Itno came to power in Chad Africa through military intervention and has been president since 1990, making him one of the longest-serving presidents in Africa, in a region where others are in government for close to forty years.
President Deby just contested presidential elections for his 6th term in office, which he is said to have won with close to 80% of the vote, though it is said many opposition leaders boycotted.
Nigerians, Cameroonians, Malians, and other surrounding countries benefitted from the anti-terror fight that the former general turned civilian president put up against extremist terror groups like Boko haram in the Sahel region.
The military in Chad has quietly staged a coup, dissolving the Chadian parliament and overruling the constitutional provisions of handing the presidency to the head of parliament as interim president, who should have conducted new presidential elections in 45 to 60 days as the constitution says.
The 37 years old four stars general son of late president Derby has been declared head of the military transition council to head the country, with promises of staying only for 18 months, during which time, a presidential election will Be conducted they say and promise.
The rebels in the northern part of chad that borders Libya, have condemned the handing over of the government to Deby,s son, vowing to fight on towards the capital in Ndjamena.
Nobody is sure as to how things may turn out in the country that has experienced many coups and other political leadership problems.
Many believe that democracy is being challenged, derailed, and threatened in Chad and that the dead of Deby leaves an anti-terror fight Vacuum in the Sahel region.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international leader, and communicator. Certified professional and expert in global health [USA]. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.