Apr. 25, 2021


Africa seems to have lots of deaths and funerals lately, from the death of Mr. Idriss Deby of Chad to Mendo ze of Cameroon and others in diverse nations.
Remmy Ngono says though Mendo ze stole Cameroon money which led him to be convicted and imprisoned, he had a good heart and shared with the less fortunate and poor.
Africans are excellent at reflecting and rationalizing their shameful deeds.
In the USA thieves like the Ponzi scheme Madoz have died while serving prison terms for corruption and outright embezzlement and no one ever complained.
Mr Fame Ndongo of Afri-Cameroon read the book of explanation he called eulogy at the funeral of his mentor[MENDO ZE] and boss as he says, though Mr Remy Ngono in France says Ndongo did not do enough.
Mendo ze lived and died, singing the praises of his "god" Mr president who has been in government for close to 60 years as minister and president.
The works of the Afri-Cameroon artist Mendo ze taken together reveal the mysticism that he understood, partly from the Roman Catholic tradition, the mystical traditions of his cultural heritage, and other western inputs.
The fight against corruption in Afri-Cameroon is presently a great tool used to stop all those who could stand in the way of continuous power and money for the Mendo ze and Ndongos .
In other nations, former ministers with money and experience that they mostly get through service and rewards from the government become presidents but in Afri-Cameroon they become life prisoners.
The only rich and powerful who never go to prison with their wealth are the military people.
Mendo ze,s life and death have exposed a lot that the unsuspecting never knew about the BULU-BETI-EDWONDOS, of Afri-Cameroon.
Mr. Biya like other Francophone Africa presidents never hides his desire and strategic plans to die as president of Cameroon, after all others do it like Mbongo, and recently Deby to name a few.
Since the Bible says a man,s enemies are those of his household, it stands to reason that the praise singer who knew more about the beyond, many believed should be contained in prison-like the other ambitious ones.
He who sang the praises of a god is not expected to complain about the punishment from god, for even Jehova punishes and chastises his children.
They say the singing saint, was a thief too and a rebellious one to be contained.
Ndongo, in making his case and responding to the criticisms of the Ngonos revealed the happenings in the house controlled from the beyond.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international leader, and communicator. certified professional and expert global health [USA] and adviser of presidents.