Apr. 26, 2021


Military leaders in the world continue to have a balancing act to make, especially in the nations where dictators use subtle forms of terrorism to stay in power for many decades and or life.
The protests and killings in Myanmar and other countries in the world today pose great challenges to the United Nations that seem helpless in the face of sovereign powers using tax payers purchased guns and bombs from Europe and America in killing their own people.
Security officers from Houston and other cities in the USA joined the USA capitol storming that led to the death of some because they preferred former president Trump to democratically elected Joe Biden and were ready to do whatever it takes to hold on power and tax payers owned and run White house.
Defense and security can be abused by soldiers themselves who are paid to defend the lands, people, and properties .
Myanmar crisis is a reflection of the power of the military over civilians.
The military in Chad just dissolved parliament, making the so-called elected parliamentarians and lawmakers useless.
it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to master global leadership and state craft and the different forces and powers at work.
The United Nations has no standing armies to root out military generals who plot coups and take over governments from civilians without guns and bombs.
The crisis in Myanmar may be an internal sovereign affair but the human rights of the people is an international or global concern that may require other nations to come in to protect the people under the platform of the United Nations.
The world is watching the people of Myanmar in America protest for a return to democracy, not dictatorship or life presidents.
Chevron may be bringing home to America many billions in oil revenue but the USA Myanmar citizens are also in front of the energy buildings protesting.
Power is might and the military in Myanmar is now all-powerful and doing as they wish, backed by their allies globally and at the United Nations .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader and communicator. certified professional and expert [USA ]. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.