Apr. 27, 2021


Universities around the world are called upon to involve students on campuses in the preparedness and response to COVID19.
International students like former president Bill Clinton in European universities and daughter Chelsea understand these issues, especially in their global health initiatives in the Clinton Foundation, and have room for others.
Most international students bring with them a great education and work experiences which are exploited for peanuts called salaries by government departments that mostly use them, especially in the West.
You will always see poor white students working on campuses in America to pay their bills.
Students are in varied and different levels of formation and academic statuses in the universities and could and should be used in the fight against covid19.
Students can educate their families and communities each time they return home from campus on the covid19 prevention measures.
Students should be encouraged to do more research on covid19 issues in their campuses in south Africa, Europe, and Asia not forgetting the USA.
We cannot always wait for the Turkish German couple of Biotech to research and produce covid 19 vaccine science for western pharmaceutical companies.
The serum institute of India has done great but the challenges in India today require more than vaccines, and those who are not experts in global health should stop making noise and giving out false information to the international public.
Genome sequencing at the universities should show many variants in different countries which should not be hidden.
Let the universities and their students lose in the fight against covid 19 and let politicians take a step back and allow those trained and experienced in bioscience and technology to come forward and speak
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson international leader and communicator. Certified professional and expert in global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.