May. 12, 2021


The local government of the city of Houston with a very strong mayoral system where the mayor chairs the city council meetings with the councilors and doubles as the executive head have presented it,s proposed budget for the fiscal year 2022.
The city with a population of close to 2.4 million people was incorporated in the year 1837 with 21 police stations and storefronts, 93 fire stations,40 library facilities, 380 parks, 60 community recreation centers, and 11 multiservice centers requires a lot of resources to manage.
Mayor Sylvester Turner presented the budget proposal of 5.10 billion dollars in the City hall on 5/11/2021.
The budget shows an increase from the 2021 budget.
Mayor Turner attributes a lot of provisions in the budget from the contributions from the Biden administration,s 1.9 trillion American rescue plan money.
The budget is said to be balanced and fully replenishes the budget stabilization fund.
The is a provision for increases in the pay of firefighters.
The budget will go into effect from the 1st of July 2021 after it has been voted by the city councilors.
The detail of the budget proposal can be found at .
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