May. 13, 2021


The child of former vice president and the brains behind the lies to go terroristically bomb down Iraq and kill too many Americans in a war that, the then pope said no to their lies then secretary POWELL, presented to the united nations has been dismissed or countered cultured by the republican party in the USA congress that was stormed by the Trumpian USA terrorists.
The are many who are asking Liz Cheney why she did not stand up and stop the lies of her father and Bush but has the courage now to destroy the GOP cult leader, who they say with, they cannot win elections and without they cannot win elections again in America.
The GOP house leader McCarty who openly rebuked Trump and his terrorists for storming the USA capitol as they do in banana republics is surprised and haunted by the rebukes of Trump by Cheney who is bent on making sure Trump never become president again since the latter is haunted by the shame of a one-term president, especially as President Obama he compares himself with had a Nobel prize and two-term successes.
Senator Mitt Romney and other wise republicans have said kicking Cheney out of leadership position as a form of punishment will not help the republicans but help them lose votes.
Many in the republican party want the same message or what is called the" BIG LIES" like the presidential elections were stolen and those former vice president Cheney and Bush pushed across in order to storm and kill like at the capitol.
Liz Cheney promises to continue as representative, fight Trump and to stand reelection.
President TRUMP in response to what his minions in congress did to please him and his followers, rained insults on Liz Cheney.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international leader and communicator. Certified professional and expert in global health and development [USA] . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .