May. 13, 2021


Biden to Send U.S. Official Hady Amr ‘Immediately’ to Meet Israeli, Palestinians Leaders, Haaretz
“The United States will send Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israel and Palestinian Affairs Hady Amr to Israel ‘immediately’ in a bid to deescalate tensions between Israel and the Palestinians. […] J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami, meanwhile, called on the Biden administration to step in in a ‘much more forceful and active way than it has to date,’ adding that it would be irresponsible to step away from engaging in a meaningful way. The leader of the pro-Israel, left-wing organization called for the administration to appoint a senior-level point person to direct and coordinate policy due to the lack of clear leadership on this issue within the administration, as well as the expedited appointment of a qualified ambassador. ‘This should not go to someone who is a donor. This is not a political perk of a position. This is a vital diplomatic post and lives are at stake, and it’s really important that it be someone with meaningful policy experience in the issues that they’ll be dealing with,’ he added.

Examining the relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jewry, Jerusalem Post
Oded Revivi writes, “Left and Right, religious and secular, we have become too pedantic toward Diaspora Jewry. We have not paid sufficient attention to almost half of our people who do not live in the Jewish state. We have moved away from them in recent years, and perhaps thanks to COVID, we now have an opportunity to mend this rift. We have a chance to better understand that we in the Jewish state have a duty toward our brethren overseas. […] The Israeli Right is made up of ultra-Orthodox, national Orthodox, religious, less religious, settlers, liberal secularists and others. This group, perhaps out of fear of disrupting the unity, did not go into depth on the questions that bother Diaspora Jewry. To some extent the result is the weakening of AIPAC and the establishment of J Stree