May. 14, 2021



Many are watching the rockets fired in Isreal by Islamic Hamas and the Israeli response and wondering if these recent killings from both sides are because of recent provocations and the need for self-defense?.

Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson when attending J street conference in Washington DC USA, did all to talk to liberal parliamentarians from Israel, asking them why is it that the is always bloodshed in the middle east around when Netanyahu and the zionists are struggling with winning presidential elections and or having other parties to join them to form coalition governments and they responded to the questions.
Dr, Akwo Thompson Ntuba was told that it was similar to what conservatives do in the USA, they said, people fear those who are called evil people and it pays each side in the conflict to use the fear of the other people groups to win elections.
Netanyahu who Trump supported and who supported Trump over president Biden has struggled lately with winning elections with a majority to allow him to form a government, so he had decided to provoke the Arabs and Muslims especially Iran, knowing what will happen by doing that. Netanyahu has calculated that Hezbollah and or Hamas that has a relationship with Iran will be forced into attacking Israel so that Netanyahu can use disproportionate force in striking the Palestinians with the calculations that the opposition may join to condemn him and he can say to the Israelis that look at those who want Muslims and Palestinians to kill you, these weaklings cannot be your presidential leaders.
Netanyahu was one of the first to congratulate Joe Biden, even before the courts started looking at the Trump petitions calculating that, no matter the outcome, he already had Trump in his corner and so he should be the first to congratulate Biden, if things turn out that Biden is finally declared the winner, he wins both ways.
Before Pope Francis went to Iraq, Biden already did some strikes in Syria against Iran militia in the region, part of the reason why the pope kept asking for peace in the region.
Stop looking at the recent attack as the provocation that led Netanyahu to declare an all-out war.
Netanyahu needed a war at this time and no person else.
The constant attacking of Iranian targets by Netanyahu under Trump had a purpose, which is that of provoking the proxies of Iran to attack Israel so that America will be forced to take sides, and if Biden did not support Israel fully, then conservatives would say look at weak Biden against Israel.
Biden has played into the hands of Netanyahu by taking sides in his statement while his secretary of the state is saying all sides should deescalate.
Both Palestinians and Israelis were made in the image of God, we in America believe.
The United Nations is asking for restraining from all parties including Isreal and they must respect the United Nations that rebirthed that nation in that region.
Hamas you have done what Netanyahu wanted and see how much blood you have brought to your people and destruction to your lands. Netanyahu, you got the war you wanted, you have shed enough blood and republican America and Trump are with you. Hopefully, you can now win the presidential elections and find enough opposition to join you to form a coalition government
.Understand that Zionism is not Christianity.
You all leave American taxpayers out of your wickedness.
Dr, Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international leader, and communicator. certified professional and expert global health and development. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.

2 Biden Pressured to Take Sides in Clash Between Israelis and Palestinians, Wall Street Journal
“The Biden administration is urging a de-escalation in deadly clashes between the Israeli military and the Islamist Hamas movement, while some Democratic allies call for stronger support for Palestinians and some Republicans want more forceful backing of Israel. […] ‘The conflict only deepens when the U.S. backs away,’ said Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of J Street, a left-leaning Jewish group in Washington that opposes expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank.”

3 Netanyahu needs conflict to survive