May. 16, 2021


The members of the UN security council both permanent and rotating, have expressed the positions of their missions and nations in the meeting that took place on Sunday.
The members asked for a ceasefire from all parties and the return to dialogue based on international and humanitarian law and the UN assembly decision for the two states agreed upon that will create lasting peace in the region.
France and the united kingdom were strong in defending the right of Israel to defend itself from attacks from terrorists though calling on Israel and other parties to respect human rights and stop the destruction of medical infrastructures.
Russia asked that provocations be stopped and dialogue to take over for lasting peace based on the two states' agreement.
The United states' mission head stood firm in the defense of Israel by her federation though calling for a ceasefire and respect for the rights of civilians.
Overall, the UN members called for a ceasefire, a return to dialogue, and the need for the two states' UN agreement to be implemented for sustainable peace in the region.
Dr. Ntuba aAkwo Thompson, international leader, and communicator. certified professional and expert in global health and development [USA]. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.