May. 17, 2021


The director-general of the World Health organization or the WHO has expressed disappointment in the destruction of health facilities and the involvement of health workers and personnel in the conflicts in the middle east and Tigray Ethiopia.
The director-general was speaking during a meeting with communicators in Geneva on issues surrounding covid 19 preparedness and response and the Road traffic accidents during covid 19.
Dr. Tedros appreciated the work of the United Nations secretariat and secretary-general in convening the security council in discussing the need for de-escalation of the military fighting in Gaza and Isreal.
The director-general underscored the health and humanitarian consequences of the conflicts in the Middle East and in Tigray Ethiopia.
Dr. Tedros is asking for political solutions to these conflicts instead of armed violence or war.
The director-general said many thousands of people in the Tigray region in Ethiopia are now refugees fleeing from guns and crossfire, many others unable to have basic medical and food supplies, talkless of concerns about COPVID19 response which is not an issue for them right away.
During the meeting, other experts including Dr, Ryan said the WHO organization is working hard to meet it,s target of 20 % Covid 19 vaccination in all 194 member states by end of 2021, with more than 50% of members depending on the COVAX instrument though having challenges of vaccines nationalism, as they continue to call on rich countries to donate more of their covid 19 vaccines to Covax for use in vaccination of health care and vulnerable populations in low and middle-income countries.
" Over the weekend, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned that the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel could potentially “unleash an uncontainable security and humanitarian crisis.”

The health situation is also highly concerning and in the recent escalation of conflict, dozens of incidents involving health workers and health facilities have occured.

Furthermore, COVID-19 testing and vaccination has been severely impacted. This creates health risks for the world as a whole.

Protection of health workers and health facilities is an imperative in all circumstances.

It is essential that the norms of international humanitarian law be fully respected.

In particular, health workers and infrastructure should always be protected and I call for leaders on all sides to ensure respect for these vital humanitarian laws." says DR TEDROS .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international leader, and communicator. Certified professional and expert in global health and development [USA]. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents