May. 22, 2021


The city of Houston taxpayer's budget money has continued to meet criticism from taxpayer residents, who have shown more interest in the 2022 budget.
Some of the communities that make up Houston, Texas, and the USA
, paying local and national taxes are asking questions which councilors with mayoral ambition are running away from. Mr. Martin was expected to chair the last public budget inquiry session to get community input on the budget but was nowhere to be found on 5/20/2021.
The sessions were done in a way that Houston television was to move the cameras away from the sessions to another meeting out of city hall. It is said that Martin had no answers to the questions of defunding the police and moving more of taxpayers' money to community programs. Martin may not have been able to face the persons leading the Houston firefighters union, who say the pay as you go increases in firefighters salaries was unacceptable though their boss,chief Samuel Pena they had given a vote of nonconfidence is okay with the arrangments.
The 2022 budget should show the positioning of those who are campaigning for the office of mayor of Houston are doing though they forget that, you must not be a council member to win elections as mayor, especially as Turner was never a city of Houston councilor.
Running away from sessions is not a strange occurrence in American politics though this one is at entry-level politics of local or village council positions, for they do the same in congress in WASHINGTON DC.
The committee positions are useless in the strong mayoral city governance in Houston which many people are saying should be changed to be like that of the local governance of Dallas, San Antonio, and other cities in Texas where the is the separation of the office of head of the council chamber and manager of the city.
What can a powerless committee chairman like Martin do in a city where the mayor is council head and executive manager at the same time ?. It must be noted that Sylvester Turner never made the charter and structure of the Houston local government of today and must not be blamed by Houston committee councilors.
All a mayor in Houston needs is just half plus one city council member vote to pass his budget.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international leader, and communicator certified professional and expert in global health and development [USA]. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents