May. 22, 2021


Dr. Ntuba, Akwo Thompson, multiple nations licensed physician and certified professional and expert in global health [USA] who has worked since February 2020, as a USA covid 19 country support expert with work travels to almost all the states of the federation and was part of the world health assembly 73, 2020, is calling on the USA delegation to the wha74 to study what the world health assembly is all about before coming in wha74, 2021 to be talking things unrelated to the rules and the charter.
The very bad death numbers in covid 19 registered in the USA since March of 2020 can be explained in our report on the USA preparedness and response.
Politicians like Trump, untrained and uninformed, and others in local communities decided that they had become trained physicians and global health experts too, as they polluted the USA with misinformation and outright lies and half-truths about COVID19 and when exposed they said they were joking, and they got the joking results which are shameful indeed.
In most meetings they used subtle forms of censorship, refusing those who are trained and experienced from informing them as they allowed pride to take over, talking drinking bleach, and other nonsense and rubbish.
Former minister of health of the WHO Alex Azar, a Trump appointee was at the WHA73 talking about things which were meant to destroy the hard work of the global health experts at the world health organization since he was recording great failures in his USA, preparedness, and response at home, talking contrary to the rules and WHO constitution and charter.
The WHO continues to call out the inequalities and inequities that COVIOD 19 has exposed in many member states related to minorities health care insurance as Azar and Trump were working to take away Obama care from the minorities in America.
Dr Birz , the Trump USA coordinator has exposed some of the games that were being played that led to too many Americans and residents of the USA dying from covid 19, an embarrassment to some of the finest Nobel prize winners in medicine populated in the northeast institutions of the USA.
In Houston so-called experts in the texas medical center said the will be no vaccines, because it will take 10 years, only to be disgraced by the Turkish german medical doctor couple who researched and gave the vaccine.
Greatness is not noise and big buildings as Covod 19 has shown arround the world and the need for the humility that produces great breakthroughs.
All the 194 member states of the WHO are called to come to the WHA 74 prepared.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo, Thompson, international leader, and communicator. Certified professional and expert in global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.