May. 23, 2021


As international global health experts begin deliberations to make the world healthy, an international multiple nations licensed physician and certified professional and expert global health [USA ] , and international leader and communicator, adviser of prime ministers and presidents, Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson has called on the 194 members of the united nations, world health organization to consider health as human rights so that universal health care based on primary health care can be made available to all global citizens.
In the United States, health is accessed based on who has health insurance and what type.
When some people decide that even the Obama care that helps poor people in America especially the white poor that make the highest percentage of the poor uninsured is to be taken away by the wicked and selfish, something is wrong with health governance, provision, and outcomes here.
Greatness is not the noise made and foolish pride paraded in the media but for nations to able to take care of their down and out of nations. Lack of addiction and substance abuse health care provision in the USA has millions of AMERICANS homeless, most living in bushes and under bridges in their own feces and urine, in unsanitary places.
The question today to nations is " what is your position among the 10 best nations in health care provision and access"?.
It is time the world health assembly start asking member states the number of the poor and marginalized insured in their countries before they address the assembly because the assembly is for best practices not noise making and foolish pride speak.
In Africa, they steal donor global health issues money, stash it in foreign banks in Switzerland, and Europe or USA, calling themselves rich people, yea rich thieves, and demons killing their people, who come talking rubbish at WHA.
Nations like the USA that do not provide universal health care to their citizens, can never be the first 5 in global health care.
Climate change affects the health and life of mostly the poor in nations and the time to talk is over.
it is time to provide another 1 billion people with health care, time to prevent another one billion from emergencies and pandemics and provide health insurance to another billion globally.
Successes of nations are not judged by the abundance of the 1% but the universal health care provision through universal insurance.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba, international leader and communicator. certified professional and expert global health and development [USA]. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.