May. 29, 2021


USA president his excellency JOE BIDEN is winning with his United Nations carrot and sticks politics or what Hilary Clinton called smart diplomacy, by returning to the UN bodies, making the American giving of money they borrow, increasing their national debt into multi-trillion dollars center, while manipulating and controlling the unsuspecting.
Calling a dog a bad name or some dogs bad names to destroy them is a form of foreign policy which America did not originate though the European originators migrated to Indian lands of America too, bringing with them their cultures.
The USA does a lot of business with China behind closed doors and borrows money from China to finance it,s national debt, while the Chinese are accused and called bad names left and right.
The leadership of the World Health Organization has accepted to return to China if need be following the advice of the member states and you know who are the real member states.
Dr. Ryan made it clear that nations should allow the Covid 19 science to Trump the politics, as they said, everything was on the table including returning to China.
They say in an adage that" when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers", and the grass in the USA, China, and the UN may just suffer from the consequences of the fight between the USA and China.
President Biden did not give the World Health Organization any order to investigate the origins of the Sars Cov 2 virus nor did he say the USA intelligence should go look for the origin in China, he just gave them an order to investigate and it could be possible that Dr. Anthony Fauci developed the virus in the USA and took it to China as he Anthony Fauci was accused by the Trump administration.
The Chinese are also saying America should explain the American making of the HIV aids virus in laboratories in the USA and explain to the world.
The politics of pandemics requires that smart nations not huge in terms of number develop surveillance to stop the developers and spreaders of viruses and germs around the world.
Accusations leveled at the world health organization are too many some belief, especially with the accusation of WHO staff covering up evidence of sexual exploitation and abuses in their recent deployments to certain nations.
Biden is listening to his republican friends with whom they voted to go destroy Iraq and kill many thousands of Americans on lies told to the United Nations of so-called USA intelligence and evidence which were discovered to be fake presented at the UN by Secretary Collin Powell.
The World Health Assembly told us to be careful with the recent accusations on China and the so-called evidence that may be coming, for it could be the Powell Bush type of evidence and intelligence that led to combat in Iraq.
While Trump ran away from WHO with the money, Biden has returned with "carrots and
The WHO is accused by people like Ted Cruz, who says Biden should not trust the WHO but trust he Cruz that Donald Trump insulted to quiet during the presidential republican primaries of 2016, even going as far as implicating Cruz,s father in the murder of President Kennedy.
WHO says any nation can do what they want as relates to the origin of the Sars Cov 2 virus respecting the principles of rights of sovereign states.
The UNITED NATIONS said America should not go to Iraq for the Bush wars and America said no to the UN advice and it can also say no to the WHO advice at any time, since republicans must follow their GOD Trump and either cover his big lies or create more lies like the republican senate cover of Trump and his terrorists who stormed the USA capitol, destroying and killing POLICE
and people as uncivilized people do around the world.
The WHO seems to be following the lead of the USA senators who have stopped the commission to investigate Trump and his terrorists who stormed the capitol.
Wise prime ministers and presidents are being advised to stay away from the politics of this COVID 19 pandemic, which has contributed to the death of close to one million Americans.
If America did what was expected when it was told about the pandemic in February of 2020, in terms of preparedness and response, they would not need the cover and the scapegoat, and since Trump wins or republicans believe their big lies about elections, they are doing the same with Sars Cov 2 and sadly enough small Island nations need a few million dollars only, to go talk trash at the WHA and UNGA on behalf of their sponsors, and millions of dollars will send the WHO back to china.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, an international leader, and communicator certified professional, and expert in global health [USA]. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.