Jun. 23, 2021

USA Roman Catholics seek power and confused over Biden communion questions.

The united states Roman Catholic denomination are making news related to the faith of president Joe Biden and other confessing members of their fellowships who believe that legal adults have a right to their own beliefs and praxis thereof.
The practice of theocracy failed and was done away with a long time ago .
The church does not legislate but the government. The government is for justice ,equality and safety of all Americans irrespective of their belief systems or world views.
No individual is responsible for the beliefs and behaviors of others .
If you must exempt a person from communion , let it be what that person practice.
If president Biden and his wife donot commit abortion , it will be foolish and unwise to exempt them from communion, for the acts and believes of other adults .
The denominations must reflect and understand the real meaning of separation of church and state .
Trying to create heaven in government and or through government was not the commission of the church .
Deal with people individually, and teach your congregants not to practice abortion and tell those outside why you belief it is wrong .