Jul. 23, 2021

Celebrate Recovery is now a global movement with members in foreign continents and nations

The Christian faith based Recovery Initiative that started in 1991 in the Minister Rick Warren founded Saddle back Church in California USA , has now entered the working phase after the initiation and transition phases both of which were predominantly in cities and states in the USA .
During the 30th anniversary celebrations and events at the Porters house Dallas , some of the members and participants from foreign countries , spoke with Healthndevelopment editor about their origin , membership and work with alcoholics , addicts ,and those with hurts , hang ups and risky habits .
Some of the 7 million people whose lives have changed as part of the communities that celebrate recovery target and provide resources are overseas .
The faith based recovery program is Christ centered , different from other non Christ centered programs .
The 12 steps are based on the Beatitudes of Mathew 5 .
Dr Ntuba , Akwo Thompson , international leader and communicator . Certified professional and expert in Global health . Adviser of ministers and presidents .