Jul. 28, 2021

Simone Billes has withdrawn from the women's singles Gymnastics competition in the Tokyo 2020.

Those who have not played or participated in athletic sports are judging Simone Billes ,accusing her for lack of stamina and using fake mental health defense for her poor performance at the Olympics they claim.
Biles has given her USA nation many gold medals in this completions and America appreciates and thanks her for her honor to her country and the sports .
While the team managers and physicians must share in the blame ,if the is any , for not seeing the signs others saw in the qualifying competitions in the USA and the beginning games , only Simone knows her body ,that she has used to serve and glorify her country .
If she fell and broke her head ,neck or waist and or bones. they would say why did she continue if she could not trust her body ?.
The one year delay in the Olympics was enough to cause mental trauma besides the inappropriate expectations on her and the team for toys called Olympic gold medals .
Like Osaka she quit because she could not trust her body and related health issues.
Sports medicine is not only orthopaedics , but general and mental health , nutrition, diet sleep rest and recovery .
Simone Biles has quit the women's singles in gymnastics today ahead of the finals and must not be blamed .
If she came up with Covid19 positive test results , she would have been forcefully denied participation and others must have continued .
The USA does not have indispensable athletes and prepares for these scenarios.
America and the world wish Simone Biles luck in her future and looks at sports for what it is , competitions where any participant can win or loss.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, international physician, expert in health and medical communication . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.