Jul. 29, 2021

Int leaders ,are asking unknown ,uncivilized local Texas deputy attorney general to stop insulting

It could be overwhelming for certain Americans ,who are so uncivilized, local and unknown in the greatest world cities like Tokyo Japan and reflect their smallness in insults on internationally knowns athletes ,there by gaining international recognition, they wish .
It is only in Texas where people often talk before they think ,most times exposing their ignorance and stupidity in public .
A deputy attorney general in Texas takes upon himself to insult the safety and wellness behavior of a USA Olympian is completely out of place and outrightly stupid .
MacVivian Foe ,an international soccer player died on the field in France after falling down exhausted . What if he just had said he was not feeling right and should be kept aside to address his health issues?.
Texans have heard with disbelief and shock , the insults that ,the so called medical doctor of sports medicine who may never have qualified and admitted into any medical school ,have leveled on an international and global sports elite athlete, Simone Biles, calling her a national disgrace .
In Texas any thing goes , usurpers and foolish some how always find themselves in Tax payers offices .
While it is very possible that Tokyo Japan the biggest city on Earth with more than 35 million people may make insecure people like so called attorney general of Texas jealous , Biles , a globally celebrated American super star athlete had already proven to Japanese and the world that America got great talents not unknown seekers of notice ,jealous of the global successful careers of greatest Americans like Simone Biles .
Americans and Texans, including international leaders are saying stop ,to so called Texas attorney general. Keep your uncivilized, local and jealous ,petty statements to your little self.