Jul. 31, 2021

Bad political leadership in Texas is driving the New high Covid19 deaths .

Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, an international physician, certified professional and expert in global health USA ,was shocked with the community response to one of the recently held community Conversations on Covid19.
Online there were only 5 participants and in the multipurpose service center , the hall was almost empty as the presenters spoke.
The purpose of the meeting was defeated , because the was little or no community engagement, mobilization and action .
How do you expect communities to act when you did not engage them and or mobilize them to participate in your conversations?.
Some thing is wrong some where which in the most part is blamed on very poor and uninformed leadership.
Dr Peter Hottez is attacked by people in Texas who know nothing about medicine and surgery or bio science .
The same politicians who say the present secretary of the health and human services of the Biden administration is not fit or competent in running the department because he is not a doctor like Dr Price , are bringing themselves forward to speak as experts in pandemic control without training in medicine or bioscience.
Governor Abbot Gregg is acting from the Republican play book handed to him by Mr Donal Trump .
Abbot believes that he is above president Biden and the CDC , and for political reasons , go contrary to them always .
It is sad ,that in the midst of plenty , the Covid19 strategic preparedness and response in the USA is producing much deaths because of bad political leadership .