Aug. 1, 2021

International political leader ,Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson ,calls US & other governments to modernize.

Many people around the world without political office holding expertise and experiences are surprised with what happens in the USA today and other countries .
Governments is the making off a people through social contract .
Amendments are done in constitutions because no men and women any where on Earth is capable of a perfect constitution for a perfect social contract or union .
Donald Trump and his gang , have been used to expose the weaknesses of the American democracy , making it look similar to what happens in Banana republics.
When France staked alot to battle the British navy in the sea,to help free the 13 colonies of Indian American lands , they had motives .
The storming of the capitol by Trump gang , had just one motive , to do like they do in Venezuela and or Cuba and stay on .
Those you could never had imagine will take part in those anti democratic rhetoric and riots were there.
Many asked why modernize and civilized people do that ?.
Power and the positions that go with them are not always used for the interests of the people .
How can we explain the statements of the so called governor of Texas ,Gregg Abbot to arrest and jail state representatives, because they refused Abbot and his the quorum to pass wicked voting laws changes ,that will disenfranchise minorities and help secure and cement the chances of Abbot winning another gubernatorial elections in Texas.
Preachers and ministers gathered in front of the Texas Capitol in Austin demanding that the USA modernize the elections processes by passing the people,s act .
Trump accuses the USA for constant election fraud .
Trump was defeated by Hilary Clinton with more than 3 million votes in the popular count in 2016but a fraudulent and biased electoral college system made the inferior candidate Trump president and not the winner of the popular votes .
Is American democracy constipated?.
The people live in communes that are hospital desserts in Houston but we pride ourselves on how big the medical center city is .
The medical center mostly has tertiary health care institutions ,that is not the primary care hub for most Houstonians .
Good to have great buildings ,though concentration on that model is not a good thing for the people in the communities .
To which communities does Memorial Hermann expand to ?. They like Methodist expand to enriched and empowered communities while the communities in the East where the people are remain hospital desserts .
Without experiences in community based experiences and services, most experts that claim to make policies for the people are not too useful .
Modernized leadership and governance, engages, mobilize s and empower communities to action .
The Covid19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of the American health system. Predisposeing conditions among minorities in their health care desserts communities are explained on very very bad health care policies in the USA.
No health insurance for minorities . No hospitals in the East side of Houston they say and we are surprise by the number of preexisting conditions that were mortal Covid19 comorbidities.
Greed , pride and prejudice is the reasons why policies that have always failed the people are recycled and brought back .
Trying to fraud elections by changing the rules to disenfranchise minorities ,to favor others in certain parties is not good governance but very bad governance that needs modernization .
Governors like senators are doing all in their power in America to have uncivilized form of governance like operates in Banana republics where people use tugs, guns , witchcraft, trading governments positions to remain in government for 60byears , 40 as president .
In every advance country on Earth ,the are third world people and countries inside .
Alot needs to be modernized in the American government and others around the world.
If you killed Pence and Pelosi in Congress during the storming of the capitol and had the USA chief of army staff to cooperate with you , you could have continued with your Trump lies coup and continue ruling on their blood like in Banana republics .
America is still the hope of many nations on Earth , so modernization is the key going forward.