Aug. 3, 2021

USA Covid19 pandemic Response ,shows the power play between federal and state authorities.

Dr Ben Carson in his ignorance of the history of American state craft ,says mandates are not of America though he ignorantly ignores the fact that ,the Patriot act made by his republican party government is full of mandates .
Carson and others including Jerome Adam's who were so weak and fearful under Trump to dare criticize policies that led to close to one million Americans dying from Covid 19 are criticizing the work of CDC under the Biden administration.
The anti vaccination movement led in the USA is making much money and motivating the stances of most republican governors in the South who are contradicting the CDC guidelines.
The governors belief that the powers of state governments, give them the sole right to regulate and execute on public health and in the most part they are right.
The safety of Anericans is the role of the federal government , the departments carrying out the policies of the chief executive office or the president .
The are circumstances under which the federal government can overrule the state governments in national emergencies .
Covid19 in the USA is a national emergency today , and with new wars or national safety issues come new mandates .
Ignorant Benny Carson does not know that the mandates on hospitals and nursing homes visitations saved the lives of many Americans .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, international physician, political leader, communicator , certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .