Aug. 4, 2021

The global world thanks the Turkish German medical doctors couple for discovering Covid19 vaccines

While satanic confusion driven by political need to dominate others in the USA is killing many Americans ,the world remains grateful to the Turkish German medical doctors couple and their company BioNTech for giving the world the Covid19 vaccines .
In a world were people use fake media for propaganda instead of doing their jobs , lives must be lost .
CDC can issue all the guidelines they want but cannot force unwilling horses to action .
How could so called republican led states of Florida and Texas be in front of the poor Covid19 preparedness and response that is killing so many in the states.
Covid19 has proven that all those big buildings we call medical centers are useless ,because they are there with very very bad Covid19 results in those states .
It is time that people humble themselves , put aside the political polarization and work for Americans .
Covid19 is killing Americans like happens in Banana republics.